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ControlMeister free app for iPhone and iPad

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The only remote control app you need


Control your Samsung Smart television with gestures from your iPhone and iPad. ControlMeister supports the latest Samsung Smart TVs. All this for free!


Easily install, remove and use apps on your Samsung Smart TV using the onscreen keyboard. This also works in the ‘search’ option in the Samsung TV App Store.


Use the touchpad and keyboard to control the TV’s web browser, apps and menu settings. No more fiddling with tiny keys using the factory remote control.


Control the cursor on the TV screen simply with your fingertip using the touchpad. Control channels, volume, searching and much more with ease and comfort.

Now available for iPhone and iPad

appstore-icon Download Now
ControlMeister Remote function


All the RC inputs you need

ControlMeister remote control app for Samsung Smart TVs offers full remote control functionality. Easily control your channels, volume, menus, apps and navigation. The best news of all is that you can download the app completely for free on the iTunes App Store!


Easily access your favorite Apps

ControlMeister is the best free iPhone/iPod remote control unit for Samsung TV to browse through your favorite apps. Save time and enter text easily on web browser or other apps. Access to movies, music and games will become so much simpler and easier!


Easy keyboard access

Use a keyboard on your Samsung Smart TV so you don’t have to scroll through letters when navigating the menu or apps. The keyboard automatically pops up when necessary, so you don’t need to think about this. You can stay focused on your TV show, app or game.

ControlMeister Keyboard function


Navigating has never been easier

Control the cursor on your Samsung TV using your fingertip on the touchpad. Use gestures on your iPhone or iPad to control the TV’s web browser. With swipe gestures you can change the volume and channel while keeping your eyes on the TV screen!

What our customers say about the app


Great app, does the job!
The app is working great since I downloaded it 3 weeks ago. I don’t usually write reviews but I had to for this RC helped me out!


Never lose my remote again 🙂
I would recommend downloading this app if you lose your remote often and are unable to watch TV until you find it.


Finally after starting with the official Samsung branded apps then trying all of the 3rd party apps that all look the same with, I have found one that actually works.

Donna Gold

Highly recommended!
The app found my TV the moment I downloaded the app and works 100%!! I am using a 2016 Smart TV. The 4th app I used, and now I’m happy!

David Padillo

Plug and play
Works the first time every time. Not sure why these illiterate morons that can’t figure out how to use an app blames the developer and not themselves 😂 .


Works for me
Spilled water on my remote – killed it. This works great as a substitute so I haven’t had to buy a new one. Great app.

Devin Howard
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Now available for free on iPhone and iPad

Click the button and download ControlMeister app for free or open your phones camera and scan the QR code